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Somebody recently told me that CPD is only possible in employment, via workplace experience and training. The implication was that as I am currently unemployed I can’t any longer be developing professionally. I was slightly taken aback, and then I wondered if potential employers would have the same narrow viewpoint. So I wrote myself a list of how I keep up to date and professionally aware during this phase of my career, all free, or near enough. Here are some of them.

  • Twitter

many of the people I follow post links to articles, blog posts, ideas, tools and research outcomes which are at the forefront of developments and ideas in the profession

most conferences these days have a hashtag associated with them, and following that means I can vicariously attend events all over the globe, often linking me to resources such as presentations and papers from the event

  • Blogs

there is no excuse for me not to keep up to date when there are so many blogs available covering a wide range of issues which impact on the profession, for example a small sample of those I read:

Wolfenden Report


Electronic Museum


Ginformation systems

Musings About Librarianship

(the) Healthinformaticist


Joeyanne Libraryanne

David Lee King

I am sure you get the idea by now! There are blogs to suit every interest and professional topic. It’s just a question of the time to keep up with them. And the will.

  • Unconferences and other free events

There are  mashedlibrary events, teachmeet events, unconferences including Library Camps, informal events where people meet socially and talk inevitably turns to the profession, and many formal events have sponsored places that it’s always worth trying for.

  • Slideshare

Just run a search on any topci, for example Information Literacy,  and I can find presentations like The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies from all parts of the globe. All I need is access to the web.

  • You Tube

Another fantastic resource for access to videos and clips on everything from Information Literacy to Advocacy.

  • Web sites

Where do I begin? Here are a few I have used on a regular basis:

Digidol Digital literacy

Welsh Information Literacy Project

LIS New Professionals network

The Reading Agency

Heart of the School

Times Higher Education

Guardian Education

Voices for the Library


Phil Bradley’s Website

  • Libraries

If I can longer afford broadband at home then I can access it at the public library, along with all the other fabulous resources they have to offer.

That’s not to even begin to mention the resources available to me via professional organisations like CILIP and associated branches and groups. As I said, all that’s needed is the time and the will. As an unemployed person I certainly will have the time, and I wouldn’t e a professional librarian (a whole different debate mind you) if I didn’t have the will. So I disagree that you have to be in permanent employment in order to keep up to date and informed. You just need an open mind, willingness to help yourself, and the interest and dedication to put the time aside. In fact, as an unemployed person I probably have a wider ranging portfolio of CPD than many employed people. All that is now going in my next job application, just in case anybody else thinks in the same way as the person who triggered this chain of thought initially.

Open Mind

Open Mind


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