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We’ve all had those moments when we want to say or do something but we are a bit wary of the consequences, usually to ourselves. I have found myself in several situations recently where I have caught myself thinking “What will they say?” and been paralysed into inaction by a fear of offending those I held in esteem and respect. Then I realised that if I was wary of them and their reaction to my expressing views with which they may not agree why on earth did I respect or esteem them? So now I am going to stop worrying about what “they” will say, and worry instead about what really matters. What will Future Me say. If I don’t say what I believe to be right, if I’m not true to myself, then Future Me is going to be pretty disappointed and disapproving. So from now on I will be getting back to my old self, saying what I believe is right and pointing out what I believe to be wrong. After all, nobody needs to read it, but at least I will have Future Me’s approval.


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