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Count me in

I’ve been reading some great posts and blogs on reasons for voting one way or the other in the referendum tomorrow. I’ve watched the debates, analysed the statistics quoted (as far as I can) and discussed it with family and friends. I’ve been inclined to vote In for many vague reasons, not least an innate distrust of the bigoted remarks from many Leave campaigners. Its similarity to some of the most repellent political rhetoric in history makes me seriously doubt their motives. Then today I realised I have one major clear reason I want to remain a part of a wider Europe.

I’ve spent a lot of my time as a librarian trying to get included in the meetings where decisions are made. If you aren’t in the meetings you haven’t a voice and, while you may not always carry your point, at least you have a chance to put it directly, you have an opportunity to influence. If you are on the outside you are less likely to be consulted about anything, let alone listened to. No matter how annoying and boring the meetings are, you are part of it putting the case for the library and the people who work in it and use it. It is essential for the wellbeing of your “service”.

If the UK leaves the EU we will no longer be part of that decision making process, we won’t have the opportunity to be represented in those meetings and our needs will never be considered. We will have no voice or influence and we won’t be part of shaping the future. Instead of saying it’s not fair, blaming anybody but those actually responsible and stomping off out we need to look at who represents us in those meetings and hold them accountable. If they don’t even bother to show up, are churlish, childish and rude then at the next elections we should get rid of them, and find somebody up to the job. After all, that’s our responsibilty, in Europe and “at home”.


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